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Sleeping Beauty

Smart in studies, elegant in sleep. That’s my C1/07 friends=)


Enjoy & God Bless!


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Guess who?

To my C1/07 friends

The trick is to see beyond the obstructions & know who’s ur friend. Your reward? You know our friends very well=)

Take care & God Bless.





IMG_1086hehe 040

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Tioman in pictures


Had a great time diving in Tioman with Gordon, (Christina & Yen Wee)…as Gordon& i had diving licenses we were there for leisure diving while Yen Wee & Crissy were there to learn diving…for more details on the adventures of (Yen Wee & Christina) please refer…i will be showing pictures from Gordon’s & my perspective=)


IMG_5011our journey starts from Mersing jetty to Tioman via an 1 hour ferry ride – Thank God no storms this time….

IMG_5033Part of the island with twin peaks……….

IMG_5041And so this is our gang (plus me of course)

IMG_5037The view from the jetty is great…

IMG_5084To make a long story short we went to our dive center….IMG_5093And the fellas gave me a superman suit & a batman suit for Gordon….

IMG_5100And our diving package comes with pretty girls as well=)

IMG_5085And before they u get into the boat the dive master will kindly let u know which dive site he will throw u off…




And the dive center fellas make u carry ur 13kg equipment into the boat….

IMG_5115The time on the boat before u jump down….

IMG_2121The first dive site was a shipwreck (actually a VERY unlucky fishing boat)

IMG_2109And any crazy guy would tell u to run if u see this…(can u see the shark?)

IMG_2114But this is one friendly fella so no worries…turtles are such graceful creatures…was impressed we could get this near

IMG_2178And this fella is responsible for Steve Irwin’s trip to heaven…

IMG_2182IMG_2155IMG_2151IMG_2126Must remember to thank God for such wonderful creations of His under the sea….

IMG_2153Not to mention these 2 clowns as well…hehe (btw Gordon is the guy on the right & im on the left)

IMG_5118And so we came out wet & happy….and that is a super summary of the 6 dives i had…one of them is diving through caverns with corals inside…simply majestic!

Among the other stuff we did in Tioman are as follows;

IMG_5045cycling round the island when we’re more dry

IMG_5077Getting high & drunk at night….

IMG_5203Singing love songs to each other…(please remember the disclaimer that we’re not gay)

IMG_5141IMG_5142Enjoying great seafood from the sea…IMG_5148i promised this seafood grilling uncle i would advertise his stall…..but seriously his grilled food is not bad!

IMG_5138IMG_5139And learning new sign languages…courtesy of Daniel Khoo….

IMG_5135Playing ball with the locals

IMG_5119IMG_5194IMG_5196Enjoying the fantasic view

IMG_5259IMG_5272IMG_5221Visiting the new marina, meeting an interesting seafaring uncle & err….attempting to catch fish…haha. We thought fishing was illegal at Tioman as it is a protected site…well, we fished beside a police warship & when a police officer came to us i thought “crap we’re dead,”…but guess what? The guy smiled at me & asked; “ada ikan sudah tak?” Then he start recommending good places to fish…

IMG_5170And there’s a resort i don recommend anyone to stay as i got bed bug bites…the cheeky bug actually bit me in such a way i had bilateral back nipples…

IMG_5051IMG_5053IMG_5055And had the privilege of trying buah pinang (betel nut) that is growing outside my resort room…honestly speaking i don understand how people can enjoy something so disgusting….



And speaking of “pinang dibelah dua” of course love is in the air…..

IMG_5321IMG_5316Plus it was great fun meeting people – from fellow students to angmos…the amount of angmos i met this time was surprisingly many…u can look into the sea and see some of them kissing, u can see angmos who look like sagat from street fighter (according to yen wee’s creative mind)..haha..overall it was a fun trip.

Diving again? Probably will consider going Sipadan next time. May God grant my wish=) Till then, cheers!


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Draw your Life!

“Take this piece of paper, draw what your life is about,”
I was at a self discovery talk given by my psychiatry lecturer when this task came out…interestingly God gave me quite a spontaneous answer to draw;
The drawing sucks, i think so too=)
Take home message? i know God rescued my soul, & i trust Him to walk me back home everyday. The best part is i’ll never get lost if i walk with Him=)

Thats’ all i had to say & draw during that lecture.

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Faces of Batu Pahat, C1/07 BBQ nite

To all my C1/07 batchmates, whom i owe 5 years of fun to, may God bless u all always. i have tried to ensure everyone’s photos are in. For more pics plz look into the IMU I drive. Cheers n don fight over portfolios, love each other=)

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“Tang Yuen” for Winter solstice

Solstice. A tough word, meaning midwinter…anyway today is winter solstice in the chinese calender & am very priviledged to be invited by Ching Mun, the great cook to celebrate this festival with the trademark “tang yuen” or glutinous rice ball soup…its been a while since i tried this since coming over to KL for my studies…


Its great to be able to celebrate this festival again, much thanks to Ching Mun & co=) kinda reminds me back of celebrating with family when we used to handroll tangyuen from rice floor dough we bought from the market (nowadays tangyuen is mostly ready prepacked)…used to make many shapes with the dough eg snake, pig, dragon etc. until i got scolded & in the end forced to eat my own ugly creations..haha.

Thanks again my frens for this celebration!

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Early Christmas

Christmas is only 3 days away & my gifts are already coming in so fast…must remember to thank God for such wonderful friends & their blessings..also not to forget the best gift i have in life which is God’s guidance=)


Anyway its taboo to open your gifts before the big day although my hands are a bit “itchy” already..haha..suddenly i recalled what i got last christmas…for those who know me well enough i only wear ONE tie only out of habit (partially cos am cheapskate to get more)…so was a bit surprised when i opened my christmas gifts last year to find….


7 new ties (one is my old one)…am impressed that my frens are all so observant people…haha..but to get 7 new ties one shot is a bit overkill=) am looking forward to what will find this year…5 pairs of socks maybe?=)

Also attended a church prechristmas dinner & it was great fun and a bit shocking to meet my lecturer as an invited guest…haha…imu students try spot him in the picture….


Anyway to all of you out there wish you a merry christmas & have a blessed year ahead!

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SMS jargon

Got a wrong sms which left me scratching my head for a minute before i figured out the meaning of the sms….


To make this simple the message simply reads “my handphone battery is out please call this number if you need to talk with me ok”…its amazing what short forms people can use…but i shouldn comment so much cos in the future i will definitely be guilty of using more medical shortforms=p

is it a bad habit to use short forms? if so may God help me out=)

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Rat Face Off

For the past 2 weeks had been having my usual early morning milo looking at a rat & the rat looking back at me lovingly from behind the food cabinet each morning…to be honest my rat encounters have only been such…however my housemate seems to have face off moments with the rat – and when i say face off i meant “face off” LITERALLY (eg he looks into the back of the food cabinet just to see the rat staring back into his eye…& one fine evening apparently the rat entertainingly danced in front of him on the table he was sitting on…)

Anyway to sum things up it seems kinda like this;

Anyway the thought of having my breakfast with a rat every morning was kinda sick…the problem is this rat had been kinda smart…or rather i had been kinda stupid…i bought a cheap brand of rat glue once & used an EXPENSIVE type of dried prawn from my grandma (imported from Kuching Sarawak) to bait the rat but it didn work..the worst part is next we bought a traditional spring rat trap (the type u see in cartoons but i ended up trapping my poor “face off” housemate instead…got a bit of bleeding but he’s fine)

i get this very unpleasant feeling we’re outsmarted by the rat…

In the end i decided to out my faith in a special type of rat glue…the can got some indian markings…the glue itself is viscous like crazy;

Having analysed the rats usual loitering place i decided to set my glue at the strategic spots; n it worked!

My grandma had 1001 ways to kill a rat but due to time constraints i just put this fella in the sun & it died.

Anyway this aint the first time we caught a rat…in fact this is the 4th rat we caught…the first three we caught last year using a bucket…here’s a pic from last year..

Hope this is the last time im gonna catch rats before moving out to Batu Pahat…anyway rest in peace my rat friends….

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Muar & puteRA Gunung Ledang

Before i begin would like to thank God for Ernest, for making all the preparations for this trip, His relatives for their hospitality & also Ching Mun for the endless energy and happy spirit=)

Initially Ernest, Ching Mun n i planned this to be a makan trip plus an optional Gunung Ledang trip, but it turns that not only we accomplished everything but we had a share of fun getting to know Ernest’s family & learn bout family values=) anyway we departed for Muar on Hari Raya eve, was expecting the highway to be jammed but it turns out to be very peaceful….from Seremban ot took 2 hours to Muar

First off we decided to have lunch & Jen Ern our Muar normal flora/ expert was there to bring us out for simple wantan mee & Muar special otak-otak;

After settling down we went for sight seeing…to be honest Muar is a rather small but peaceful town…the good point is there is a cape and river much like my hometown Miri..

And beside the river (Tanjung Emas park) we had rojak & ABC…

But being the best past bout Muar being near the sea & rver is LOADS of nice seafood!

All courtesy of Ernest n his beloved aunty

Next day we decided to go Gunung Ledang & my own personal quest for the PUTERA (i dunno why but i got a lot of “are you gay?” answers when i tell others of my personal quest…and Btw im NOT gay) unfortunately we could not go to the peak as we had to book 1 week in advance and the journey to the peak is round 6km one way which would take 12 hours up and down…but we settled for the waterfall halfway up Ledang which ws worth the fun!

View of the mountain from Tangkak town (off Muar)

Note: it says 6th difficult…but too bad all climbers MUST register one week in advance…

Waterfall where Hang Tuah practised his silat in the movie Puteri Gunung Ledang (i think the movie got some chinese kungfu movie style special effects as Hang Tuah shows off his Taming Sari & skill mencucuk…)

The water was simply cool & refreshing…couldn help but take a dip;

p/s: tetekku mahal ditayang (n*pples for personal viewing only)

takes around 20 minutes climb to reach the waterfall..kinda worth it actually.

Down at the foot of the mountain they happen to offer ATV rides…don ask me wat ATV stands for i only know its some 4 wheel motorcycle tat u can ride up bumps and come crashing down…so we tried n it was quite fun….

Until i crashed into a coconut tree…thank God didn scold and only leaves fell instead of coconuts…

pity the tree…anyway after that lunch was non halal stuff at Tangkak…

In the evening we went to Tanjung Emas where there were gangs of monkeys – 50 of them at least…n they were quite an attraction…we fed them a bit…they like twisties…

Until a fella came along n opened his boot full of bananas…so quite naturally he became all the monkeys friend after that…

After monkey business we went to the river side for fishing…happened to bring along my fishing rod so we went to try our luck…

1st time caught a plastic bag, 2nd time some reeds…but as they say 3rd time lucky…managed to hook a fish..but it kinda looks small & disgusting….

A passerby came n told me its Soon Hock or wat we call Betutu fish in Sarawak…anyway meantime we just called it “ta pian yue” or sh*t fish…was planning to bring back n cook in Ernest aunt’s place until his cousin, an avid angler came n warned us it was poisonous…(some Soon Hock huh)

At night went to Bentayan square n had Ernest favourite “Oh Chien” (fried oyster)

Not bad, the helping was big with lots of oysters n eggs. But seeing a big crowd we had to wait, n it was worth the wait. continuing next day had dim sum breakfast….

After which we went to Ernest aunt’s neighbour place which has sort of been converted to an otak-otak factory…1st time can appreciate how otak-otak is made;

and that sums up the trip…bought back some otak-otak. But the best fun still comes from travelling with frens, esp Ernest’s lovely family history & Ching Mun’s elevated mood…had a great time. Am stuffed to the max. Pity didn get to find the Putera though. Thank God for this wonderful trip!

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